The Upcoming Elections

I will not be running for re-election to the Edmonds City Council; it has never been my intention to go beyond one term. I want to thank the voters of »

It's Not an Edmonds Kind of Plan

I couldn't sleep. After two weeks of respite from Council, I awaken at 4am, with the stark realization that tonight Council will likely vote on a development plan for Westgate. »

Act NOW to save the Edmonds Marsh

Do you wish to make your opinion known regarding the future of the Edmonds marsh? Tomorrow, Friday, March 27 at 5 PM, is the deadline to submit comments to the »

I Should Have Abstained

I want to apologize to the voters of Edmonds: I should have abstained from the Council vote last night to support the firearms related initiative 594. I have abstained from »

A Drive-thru Urban Village at Westgate? As if!

In an August 25, 2014, article in the Herald Business Journal (Westgate wants to be more walkable, green, diverse), Mayor Dave Earling is quoted: "What's the missing piece [of Westgate] »

Calvinball in Edmonds

In Calvinball, the game played by Calvin and his stuffed tiger in the Calvin and Hobbs comic strip, rules are created and changed on the whim of the players. Mayor »

Let's Make Driving Safety a Priority

By Joan and Gary Bloom You know those beer-drinking helmets that allow hands-free drinking? Now that I know we can drink safely, that is, without taking our hands off the »

Democracy is Messy

John Owen, former noted sports journalist, and current Edmonds resident, used his cooking column in the Beacon to have some fun with the City Council, not a courageous act these »

Why I support Steve Bernheim for appointment to Edmonds City Council

Prior to running for Edmonds City Council, I was actively involved in Edmonds politics. I served a two-year term on the Transportation Committee, and participated in numerous city-sponsored and citizen-sponsored »

Public Safety, First

Do we think up projects primarily to give our Public Works Director and City Engineer something to sink their spreadsheets into, because I don’t know another reason why the »

Let's Not Play On Their Turf

Progress, sustainability experts say, is not growth or change, progress is improvement, and improvement comes in flavors: economic, social, and environmental. The Harbor Square Master Plan, as currently being pushed, »

What's the Purpose of Public Hearings

I’ve received a small amount of criticism and much support for my essay on why I’m against the Port’s Harbor Square Master Plan, an »

Comp Plan Change Will Move Decision From Council to Court

Proponents are contending that changing the Comprehensive Plan to include the Harbor Square Master Plan is about giving more choice. They suggest we can include residential and increased heights at »

Why I Oppose the Harbor Square Master Plan

I love Edmonds. I love the way the sun dips below the clouds as it sets after a long overcast day. I love the rainbows that appear when the sun »

Why Running a City is Not Just Like Running a Business

Some years ago, IBM determined that there's no money to be made in commodity hardware: the company abandoned selling PCs in order to focus on providing expensive enterprise services. Former »

Year-round Market

If you were a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation you could recall the Captain displaying his easy authority with the order: "Make it so." No one in Edmonds »

Is Clustering Similar Stores an Answer?

Before malls, warehouse stores, and numerous discount department stores, a small-city downtown could be your main shopping center, with trips to the mall reserved for jeans that fit just right, »

Council Should Show Our Work

In high school, when taking a math test, our teachers required us to show our work. It wasn't enough to arrive at a conclusion, we had to map our thought »

Election Day Post

"Tonight's the night." -Neil Young Last night, I heard that my opponent has spent $35,000 on this election. Couple that with his (I'm told) at least 1500 campaign signs. »

Agile Design Projects

The following were my remarks at last night's League of Women Voters Forum: You can read about me in my brochure. I’m going to talk about Edmonds. Although it’ »

The Chamber of Commerce Forum - My Statements

The Edmonds Chamber of Commerce sponsored a candidates forum on this last October 3. Watch the whole video and read my opening and closing statements: Opening Statement I’m Joan »

Stewardship, not Politics

Promoting myself to win political office is outside my experience. Asking for contributions. Asking for help with my campaign. Getting help with my campaign and integrating others’ ideas into how »

Make Public Records Public

(with Gary Bloom) In Franz Kafka’s The Castle, the protagonist (known as “K”) is summoned by authorities (a mysterious bureaucracy) to work as a land surveyor, but »

The Council and the Mayor: Who's Responsible for What?

What are the duties of the City Council (Council), and what are the duties of the Mayor? The Council’s job is to provide direction by considering, debating, and »

The Waterfront Urban Village is a Fantasy Solution

Edmonds citizens who have an interest in the future of our city are aware of the debate about heights. Sound bites boil the dispute down to keeping the small-town feel »