The Upcoming Elections

I will not be running for re-election to the Edmonds City Council; it has never been my intention to go beyond one term. I want to »

I Should Have Abstained

I want to apologize to the voters of Edmonds: I should have abstained from the Council vote last night to support the firearms related initiative 594. »

Calvinball in Edmonds

In Calvinball, the game played by Calvin and his stuffed tiger in the Calvin and Hobbs comic strip, rules are created and changed on the whim »

Democracy is Messy

John Owen, former noted sports journalist, and current Edmonds resident, used his cooking column in the Beacon to have some fun with the City Council, not »

Public Safety, First

Do we think up projects primarily to give our Public Works Director and City Engineer something to sink their spreadsheets into, because I don’t know »

Let's Not Play On Their Turf

Progress, sustainability experts say, is not growth or change, progress is improvement, and improvement comes in flavors: economic, social, and environmental. The Harbor Square Master Plan, »

Year-round Market

If you were a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation you could recall the Captain displaying his easy authority with the order: "Make it so. »

Election Day Post

"Tonight's the night." -Neil Young Last night, I heard that my opponent has spent $35,000 on this election. Couple that with his (I'm told) at »

Agile Design Projects

The following were my remarks at last night's League of Women Voters Forum: You can read about me in my brochure. I’m going to talk »

Stewardship, not Politics

Promoting myself to win political office is outside my experience. Asking for contributions. Asking for help with my campaign. Getting help with my campaign and integrating »

Make Public Records Public

(with Gary Bloom) In Franz Kafka’s The Castle, the protagonist (known as “K”) is summoned by authorities (a mysterious bureaucracy) to work as »